8-Week Jump School

NEXT CLASS: Monday, Feb 6, 2023

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What is “JUMP SCHOOL”?

“Jump School” = 3 Courses in One

Jump School is boot camp for paratroopers (your main instructor was a paratrooper).
It’s like a “boot camp,” just better.

1. Weeks 1-2: GROUNDING (Introduction; Learn Software; Improve Writing & Editing; Write Procedures)
2. Weeks 3-6: PARACHUTING (Create 3 Documents)
3. Weeks 7-8: LANDING (Create Portfolio; Learn Marketing; Practice Interviewing)


No other technical writing course offers:

  • 3-Course Bundle (68 lessons in all)
  • Course 1: Grounding (Beginner) 44 lessons/4 exercises
  • Course 2: Parachuting (Intermediate) 10 lessons/3 exercises (3 new documents)
  • Course 3: Landing (Intermediate) 14 lessons/4 exercises
  • Create real documents for real companies
  • Instructor-led interactive online classes held 2x a week (max flexibility)
  • Small class sizes
  • Prompt, personal feedback on all exercises
  • Supportive peer community
  • Weekly Zoom office hours
  • Life-time access to learning materials
  • Face-to-face meeting with instructor each week (8 total)
  • Alumni access including “Forever Thursday” meetings
  • Certificate of Completion




2 Guarantees:

+ 14 Day Unconditional Guarantee after sign up.

+ Stop remaining installment(s) (48 hours’ notice required).
3 Course Bundle:

including multiple exercises with personal feedback and 3 documents and 1 portfolio
X Hours$797 (2022 Price)$400-2500.00
Coaching Sessions

Weekly with me to discuss exercises = 8 x
8 (x 30 minutes)$800 (I charge $100 per 30 minutes)NO OTHER COURSE OFFERS THIS
Weekly Cohort Meetings

with Access to Community with Accountability Partner(s).

Weekly video recording shared with you whether you attended or not!

Job Hunter’s Support Group

(Repeats for FREE for one month if no interview booked)
4 (1 per week for 4 weeks)$400NO OTHER COURSE OFFERS THIS
Direct phone #

to instructor for texting and calls, 12 hours a day
Forever Thursday MeetingsWeekly(Priceless)(Since July, 2020) NO OTHER COURSE OFFERS THIS
Feb 2023 Class Price:

One-time payment

3 installments

Rewrite your future!

Join Become a Technical Writer.

Job-Hunter Support Group

NEXT CLASS: Monday, Apr 3, 2023

($389 monthly or free with JUMP SCHOOL)

We hunt for that first interview as a technical writer.
If that first interview is not found in 4 weeks, then the next month is free.

We discuss wins, losses, and blocks. Share techniques and tips. Support each other in a mutually supportive fashion.

Can’t find an answer here? Send Bobby an email at


Are the classes required or can I work alone when I want?

Class attendance is not required. Bobby schedules two office-hour meetings each week. Most members can make one of these.

Do I need to have a background in technology or writing?

No. But you should like both. And be willing to grow by absorbing new knowledge and building new skills.

What’s included in this program?

You get permanent access to 3 online courses, made from “scratch” by a 22-year veteran technical writer. You’ll also get a 1:1 mentoring session each week, a peer feedback space, and weekly classes — offered 2x a week to accommodate members’ differing schedules.

Will I work on a project?

Yes! You’ll create 3 documents. One of these is for a real company.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. Everyone who completes the course earns a certificate. We aim to grow this course and make this certificate a cherished document.

What is Become a Technical Writer?

Founded by Bobby Kennedy in 2020, Become a Technical Writer consists of a 3 courses with a mix of video and text lessons; weekly classes to discuss current lessons; a private session with Bobby each week; and membership in our Community, featuring “Forever Thursday” — which takes place forever for our alumni.

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