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About BTW

Become job ready as a technical writer in a few months!

Led by an industry veteran with over 20 years' experience

Become a Technical Writer is the first of its kind.

It is the first focused effort focused on supporting new candidates for the field of technical writing.

Hmmmmmm... you might be thinking that this is an ambitious effort. And who's the guy behind this?

Your Host, a Technical Writer

Bobby Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy

Hey there, I'm Bobby Kennedy, and I've worked as a Technical Writer in the New York City area for over twenty years.

When I was your age... wait, let me try that again.

When I started out in 2000, I was already in my thirties, and the only thing I knew about work was: I wanted to write. I liked technology. My last position had been in technology sales. But when I walked into the office of Dow Jones in New Jersey on that fateful first day, I had little clue what I was getting into.

Over the next few years, I bumbled and stumbled my way onward. It was painful and awkward. There were no online schools to help me out then.

Fortunately, I learned enough to become proficient and make over six figures for many years and help support a family of four.

Recently, as I neared the twenty-year mark as a technical writer, I learned copywriting and SEO. And I moonlit in these new areas. However, it also occurred to me that I wanted to preserve what I'd learned as a technical writer and share it with others somehow.

Then a former employer reached out to me. His daughter, a college student, wanted to become a technical writer. Could I teach her how to get started?

This is how this effort began.

Personal Milestones:

  • B.A. English, St. Joseph’s University
  • US Army Paratrooper (82nd Airborne)
  • 5-Year Residency in Europe (Fluent Speaker of German)
  • Published Poet

Client List (PDF)

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