Become job ready as a technical writer in a few months!

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80k after < 1 Year!

I accepted an 80k position with a software company...  with less than a year of “technical writing” experience!
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Two months after completing...

Two months after completing Jump School I got a contract position with a Silicon Valley startup.
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Offered full-time role!

After completion of the course in May, they offered me a full-time role as a technical writer!
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Ready for my freelance career

I feel ready to kick-start my freelancing career in tech writing from Eastern Europe.
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The founder has worked at:

Home 9Have you wanted to start in technical writing, but had difficulty:

The Technical Writing Monk

Have you met the technical writing monk?

Have you looked for help but found an unfriendly "monk" on Reddit or LinkedIn?

The monk doesn't mean to be unfriendly.
He thinks he has to protect technical writing from the "unwashed." 🫠

Super cheap but unhelpful Udemy courses or overpriced university programs! Is there nothing else?

Yes, there is. "Jump School" can help you:

Bobby Kennedy Can Teach You How to Become a Technical Writer
Bobby Kennedy, Founder


The Coach-Class Hybrid

Sometimes, you just get stuck and need help. It can be a lesson. It might be motivation. It could be "imposter syndrome."

I offer direct help.

  • Every course includes weekly support meetings and at least one coaching session.
  • I read and review the final draft of every assignment.
  • I answer most questions promptly.

Further, there is no “canned” material you'll find in other courses. Instead, we focus on actionable exercises to build your skills and confidence and ultimately get you paid as a technical writer. I hope you sign up for more information on a course.

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