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Looking for a career change?

Last year, 70% of the US workforce was actively looking for a career change. But as many as 62% of career changers never followed through. 


Time – it would take too long to learn a new skill.

Money – it costs too much to learn new skills.

So they remained stuck in a job they didn’t like, stagnating in careers with no hope of advancing or changing.

If you’re a career changer and considering technical writing as your next path, Jump School is the only course you need to quickly and easily gain work as a technical writer.


About Bobby

Hi, I’m Bobby Kennedy—a 22-year veteran of the technical writing industry—and I don’t want you to suffer in a career you no longer love because you think it’ll take too much time or cost too much money to become a technical writer.

The two biggest barriers that prevent people from breaking into this industry are…

Clarity and gatekeepers.

There’s no clear standard to learn technical writing and no clear path for finding work.

It’s all about stuffing your head full of impractical knowledge, going solo, and “hoping for the best.”

I’ve worked with some big-name companies like Verizon Wireless, WarnerMedia, and NYU. So I know how to succeed in this industry, and now, I want to show you how.

What Members Say

80k after < 1 Year!

I accepted an 80k position with a software company… with less than a year of “technical writing” experience!



Two months later…

Two months after completing Jump School I got a contract position with a Silicon Valley startup.



Offered position!

After completion of the course in May, they offered me a full-time role as a technical writer!




I feel ready to kick-start my freelancing career in tech writing from Eastern Europe.




Non Threatening

Feedback is delivered with courtesy and respect. Our “no-jerk” promise means no member can get away with harassing you.


Lean Learning

Technical writing is not the easiest skill to learn. If you’re focused on finding work, you’ll want to know what you NEED to know to create documents, not what some instructor thinks you should know.


Industry Expert

Our main instructor excelled at blue-chip companies for 22 years.

Customized to your needs

  • Cohort with self-pacing
  • Taught by industry veteran of 22 years
  • Featuring two guarantees
  • Frequent live video interaction
  • Frequent video feedback on exercises
  • Unique job-hunting support group (new!)

Two Guarantees!

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