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The best certificate in technical writing for career changers who don’t want just another certificate…

Become job ready in just a few months.

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They BROKE the ladder!

If you’ve looked into technical writing a bit, you’ll notice something odd. There’s no standard path forward. Ask five technical writers and you’ll get five different answers on how to become a technical writer.

Some technical writers are not supportive of new technical writers. Maybe it was hard for them to get going, so why should you have it easy? Has it ever felt like technical writers broke the ladder to keep you from climbing up?

So how the @#$% do you find a way up?

This innovative course led by a seasoned veteran is the best ladder!


You learn only what you need to learn, as quickly and easily as possible, to gain work as a technical writer.

No impractical theory; no academic fluff; no condescension to “newbs.” Your instructor, Bobby Kennedy, is a 22-year veteran technical writer in some of the most demanding environments in New York City.

Recently retired as a Documentation Manager at PwC, Bobby is now dedicating himself full time to helping you scale that ladder. You can grip these new ladder rungs and climb faster and higher than any other course. Bobby is so confident in this course’s results that he offers not one, but TWO guarantees. Wonder what they are?

Read on…

If you’re burnt out from working in one of the “helping professions,” or you’re an under-compensated writer or under-appreciated technical resource…

This program is the fastest and most efficient way to rise in a new career.

And give yourself a raise!

The founder, Bobby Kennedy, excelled as a technical writer for 22 years at blue-chip companies, including:


verizon wireless
Dow Jones

But wait a second…

Are you saying this program is better than any university?

If your goal is to become employed as a technical writer, yes, without question. Most members who earn a certificate and are actively looking find work within a few weeks or months.

What if this is a scam like so many other things these days?

No scam would offer two rock-solid guarantees (see below for details).

Is there much personal interaction or is this canned videos?

No course offers this much direct interaction. A minimum of 30 minutes with Bobby and one meeting with colleagues per week.

What if I’m not technical enough?

Most technical writing is NOT technical. It’s about translating complex material for non-technical audiences.


What Members Say

80k after < 1 Year!

I accepted an 80k position with a software company… with less than a year of “technical writing” experience!



Offered position!

After completion of the course in May, they offered me a full-time role as a technical writer!



Two months later…

Two months after completing Jump School I got a contract position with a Silicon Valley startup.




I feel ready to kick-start my freelancing career in tech writing from Eastern Europe.



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Non Threatening

Feedback is delivered with courtesy and respect. Our “no-jerk” promise means no member can get away with harassing you.


Lean Learning

Technical writing is not the easiest skill to learn. If you’re focused on finding work, you’ll want to know what you NEED to know to create documents, not what some instructor thinks you should know.


Industry Expert

Our main instructor excelled at blue-chip companies for 22 years.

Want to view his client list?

Customized to your needs

  • Cohort with self-pacing
  • Taught by industry veteran of 22 years
  • Featuring two guarantees
  • Frequent live video interaction
  • Frequent video feedback on exercises
  • Unique job-hunting support group (new!)

Working with Robert Kennedy is a pleasure. A true team player, focused not just on his success but on everyone’s success. He’s unique skills of communication, writing, and strong business acumen made him a key resource.


Global Director of Operations for Strategic Accounts at Ensono


Two Guarantees!

14-Day Money Back

For any reason. Guaranteed.

Stop Installments

Give us 48-hours’ notice before an installment and we’ll stop. Guaranteed.

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