The Best Course for Becoming a Technical Writer

Have You Wanted to Start as a Technical Writer?

Have you wanted to start in the field of technical writing, but had difficulty:

This Course Can Help You

The Class-Coach Hybrid

You can pay for a few inexpensive UDEMY courses or a more expensive course at a university. But you're not going to receive regular coaching from the instructor.

I offer 30 minutes each week to each member for 4 weeks (worth a few hundred dollars alone!). Sometimes, you just get stuck and need help. It can be a lesson. It might be motivation. But direct weekly coaching can help you get moving again.

Bobby Kennedy Can Teach You How to Become a Technical Writer
Bobby Kennedy, Instructor

I hope you sign up for more information on my course. There is no “canned” material you'll find in other courses. Instead, we focus on actionable exercises to build your skills and confidence and ultimately get you paid as a technical writer.

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