Case Studies

Bridget Potter

What specific challenges made you think about a change?

Bridget Potter
Bridget Potter (former teacher)

Teaching during COVID was emotionally draining. I’d come home and collapse on my couch after teaching all day. The administration was in an upheaval. There were so many unmet needs the kids were experiencing and teachers did not have the support they needed to be successful. Living such a stressful, unfulfilling life was not what I saw for my future. I should have been enjoying myself after raising two boys into men. I wasn’t! It shames me to say, but I was existing and hardly doing that. It was time to get out of teaching. The students were struggling, the parents were demanding and looking to teachers to be their personal support (impossible), and the administration was overwhelmed. Plus, the pay was a constant tangle. May I never hear anyone say “Teachers really should be paid better.” It was time for me to take my life into my own hands and do something that brought me joy. 

What made you think of technical writing?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I didn’t know of an outlet that would provide a living and allow me to write documents. When I learned about this field, I was immediately intrigued. Deep down I knew this was the avenue for me. 

I heard about BTW from a podcast by Tom Johnson (I’d Rather be Writing).  After checking it out, I hesitated before signing up for the course. After I sold my house, I splurged and paid for the course. Every piece of advice Bobby gave me, I followed. In a short time, I was working for an international non-profit as their first and only technical writer. 

How did you experience the course? 

The course was easy. My mindset was “action and no turning back” so that helped me focus and succeed. I enjoyed learning new software and creating a portfolio. The way Bobby taught, he simplified big, daunting tasks. The course is organized for you to succeed. 

Yes, the course gave me the confidence to step out on faith and be able to secure my first technical writing position. 

Results: Began my first position as a technical writer. I’m able to make a living as a technical writer. When I leave work, I’m satisfied! Daily activities are enjoyable; experience minimal stress; all-time high levels of respect from co-workers and managers. 

What has the course meant to you, looking back all these months? 

My testimonial from Spring 2022 shortly after finishing the course, but before being offered my first position (below). I’d interviewed, and was waiting to hear from the CDC Foundation.
Become a Technical Writer accurately describes what you get when you pay for this course. As a student, Bobby goes over the basics of technical writing. He removes the illusions and lets you clearly see what a technical writer is and what a technical writer does. Even more, he gives you the tools to launch your own portfolio and practice interview skills.  You come away with many resources to help you land a great job or improve your technical communication skills. At the end of the course you will have several pieces to include in a polished portfolio. If you’re looking to launch a Technical Writing career, take this course.