Good for Experienced Tech Writers, Too

I enrolled in BTW’s Tech Writing Jump School after working 2 years as a tech writer.

Although I had relevant professional experience, I was hoping to maybe learn a handy tool or two, fill any gaps in my current knowledge with advice from an experienced tech writer, learn more about how to market my skills in the freelancing world, and get some experience with remote, international interviews.

I’m glad to share that the course fulfilled my expectations completely and I feel ready to kickstart my freelancing career in tech writing from Eastern Europe.

Bobby provided some extremely helpful suggestions and is still incredibly responsive whenever I have any questions. I’m really grateful for this experience! Can’t recommend this course more.

  • Svetoslav, October, 2020

Very Helpful

I’ve found the course very helpful for two primary reasons. Firstly,
it has shown me that the bar to entering that the field of tech
writing is not as high as I’d imagined and that I do not need to go
get an expensive degree or certificate from a college/university. The
portfolio that I’m building during the course and some additional work
along the same lines should be enough to get a break into the

Secondly, and more importantly, I have access to Bobby’s decades of
industry experience. I feel that alone is worth the fee! Bobby is
extremely helpful and speaking to him in person both on a one-on-one
basis and through group discussions has been invaluable. I’ve learned
more in the past few weeks than I did after months of reading various
online forums.

Another highlight has been interacting with the other course-takers.
We had done a through a round of mock interviews, where we (and Bobby)
interviewed each other for tech writing jobs. As someone who hadn’t
done this in a long time, I found the exercise highly informative and

  • Sachin: August, 2020
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Bobby presents topics in a clear and concise manner, all while being genuine and entertaining. I’ve learned more in a week than months on my own, and gained much more valuable insight and skills. A+ for this course and looking forward to more!

  • Frances: June, 2020
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Will Be a Huge Hit

The value of the course is undeniable. I really think it covers the most vital parts to becoming a successful technical writing (a lot of which isn’t talked about elsewhere) and will be a huge hit. The information and resources I saw made technical writing much more approachable as a viable career option.

  • Angeline: June, 2020